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Peppermint Public Relations
0161 941 4252
11 Ledward Lane
MDA Creative Ltd
0161 487 1111
Hazel Grove
Irisco Marketing Ltd
01744 451433
Crank Rd
St. Helens
Souter RMC Ltd
0161 439 9096
Triad Creative Marketing
0161 480 2482
Longshut Lane West
0845 4567400
42 Communications
0151-645 0929
42 Central Rd
Whitehouse Publicity
01744 886291
32 Higher Lane
St. Helens
Quad Public Relations
0870 3899225
14 Regent Rd
01744 755744
West Park Rd
St. Helens

The Layout of Press Releases

Every press release should follow a similar structure, containing a few essential components:

Date of Release

Use one of the following:

  • 'For Immediate Release'
  • 'For Release Before (date)'
  • 'For Release After (date)'

Enter one of these instructions at the top of your press release so journalists know when the story can be released. Most press releases will use ‘For Immediate Release' but if you are launching a new product you may wish to use ‘For Release After (date)' or if you are holding a promotional event ‘For Release Before (date)' may be more appropriate.


Naturally the heading should come next - it should be attention-grabbing and ideally 8 words or less in length.


Below the heading you should have a short summary or introduction, mentioning all the main aspects of the press release. Much like the heading, the aim of this section is to entice journalists into reading more.


The main body of your press release comes next. Get straight to the point, include quotes, and avoid waffling.

For further information take a look at how to write a press release and for ideas on what 'hook' to use check out our public relations ideas article.

The End of Your Press Release

The end of a press release is usually denoted by:


Contact Information

Below the line signaling the end of the press release always include contact information.

Include a contact name, email address and phone n...

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