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Need flyers to advertise your business? How about banners or leaflets? Local printing services are there to help with all your print marketing and advertising needs, just check the listings and information below.

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Leaflet Distribution Methods

There are several methods of leaflet distribution – the one that choose depends on your budget and the expected response rate.
  • Solus Distribution
This is when your leaflet is delivered on its own, without any other leaflets competing for the recipient’s attention. This type of distribution also allows you to carefully target the distribution.
Distribution companies predominantly deliver leaflets according to postcode sectors, although many offer additional targeting down to council boundaries or street-level.
Solus distribution is the most expensive form of leaflet distribution because of its targeted nature and the fact that leaflets are be delivered on their own. However, the increased effectiveness often makes this worthwhile.
  • Shared Distribution
This is when your leaflet is delivered together with up to 3 additional leaflets. Although the leaflets may be promoting companies in different industries you are still competing for the recipient’s attention. This makes this form of distribution less effective.
In addition, highly targeted distribution is not possible because the other companies are unlikely to want to target your exact target audience at the same time as you wish to. Therefore shared distribution is carried out over postcode sectors.
Shared distribution can often be 50% cheaper than solus distribution, so even with its lower effectiveness it is often a preferred option.
  • Inserted in Local Newspaper
The main advantage of having your leaflet inserted in the local newspaper is that deliveries of these newspapers tend to be very reliable. Therefore you can be relatively sure that your leaflets are reaching peoples’ homes rather than being thrown away.
This method is also cost-effective as the delivery is already being made. Therefore newspaper companies can charge less than solus or shared distribution methods.
This cost-effectiveness is often countered by the lower effectiveness of the leaflets. Many people don’t read local newspapers so they’ll never even see the leaflet buried inside of it.
  • Placed on Car Windscreens
In the UK there are no regulations preventing placing leaflets on car windscreens. However, be careful to ensure that you don’t accidentally damage the car in some way or trespass on private property.
To avoid damaging cars it’s advised not to place the leaflet under windscreen wipers. In addition, many people find this extremely annoying, particularly if the rain has destroyed the leaflet or they only see it after starting their car. Getting someone irate before they see the leaflet is not the best way to generate a receptive customer.
Also bear in mind that councils have been known to contact companies that have distributed leaflets in this way, reques...

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Marketing with Leaflets - Using Flyers to Advertise Your Business

Leaflets & flyers are often derided and yet they are one of the most popular ways of promoting a business. Although response rates are often very low leaflets are not expensive and can be an extremely good way of targeting your target market through placing information about your company directly into their hands.
Expected response rates are in the region of 1-2%. However, the design of the leaflet, the type (A6, A5 and so on) and the distribution method all have an impact on the response rate. Get each aspect right and you could have an extremely effective marketing promotion.
The Stages of Leaflet & Flyer Advertising
1.      Choosing the Type of Leaflet
Leaflets & flyers come in all sizes from A7 to A3 poster size. The size that you choose depends on where the leaflet is being distributed and your budget.
When handing out leaflets on the street A7 leaflets have proved most popular as they are small enough for the recipient to put in their wallet. When being delivered to households leaflets usually take to form of A6 or A5, depending on how much information needs to be put across.
However, the size of the leaflet is not of critical importance. The design and distribution targeting will determine whether the promotion succeeds or fails.
2.      Designing the Leaflet
In general all leaflets should follow the AIDA formula –ATTRACT readers’ attention, generate INTEREST in your product or service, create readers’ DESIRE for what you are offering, then finally ask for ACTION.
Create a catchy heading, be precise with the rest of the content, include a couple of interesting photos or graphics, and finally ask for action. Tell the recipient what you want them to do or they simply won’t do it. For more specific advice see how to design an effective leaflet .
3.      Distribution Options

There are a number of different distribution options available to you:

  • Through letterboxes - Solus distribution (delivered on its own), Shared distribution (delivered with other leaflets), or inserted in a local newspaper
  • Placed in magazines
  • Included in mail shots – read more on  direct mail
  • Placed on car windscreens
  • Handed out to...

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Types of Print Advertising - Newspapers, Magazine and Directories

Newspaper Advertising

There’s been a huge amount of buzz about the internet in recent years but old fashioned newspaper advertising can still produce decent results. Newspapers have large diverse audiences so it tends to be effective when looking to raise awareness levels.

However, with a product or service targeting people under 30 it’s probably best to steer clear of newspaper advertising as this group tends to spend more time online.
According to Rodger Roeser, vice president of Justice & Young Advertising and Public Relations in Cincinnati, Ohio, it takes about 17 times for a reader to see an advertisement before it registers. Don’t expect one expensive well-placed ad to produce remarkable results. Make sure that you have the budget available to pay for follow-up ads.

With this in mind don’t go for a full page advertisement. It’s best to go for several smaller adverts displayed over a week.
Try to have the advert placed in a location where editorial content is wrapped around it and always look to have your advert placed on a right-hand page. It may be more expensive but significantly more people will see it.
If you are targeting women weekly community newspapers have a high female readership so it may be more cost-effective to advertise in them.
Magazine Advertising
The main advantage of magazine advertising over newspaper advertising is that the production quality is high and as a result a more compelling branding advert can be designed.
Specific niche groups can be targeted through magazine advertising, and as a general rule always go for smaller niche magazines instead of general interest magazines. Advertising in magazines is expensive so you want to minimise the number of people outside of your target audience that see your ad.
Monthly magazines can have long lead times which aren’t ideal for small businesses’ cash flow situation.
Be aware that there are sometimes potential add-ons that can be negotiated, such as free exhibition space at events sponsored by the magazine or banner advertising space online.
Advertising in directories such as Yellow pages is considerably cheaper than newspaper or magazine advertising, and customers can be more responsive as they are actually searching for a service.
Research shows that people under 35 are far more likely to search online when looking for a service so also consider taking out a sponsored ad in the online version of the directory, such as
Directories also tend to be best when advertising plumbing, carpenters and other skilled professions.
One downside is that it’s very much a ‘me too’ advertising medium in that many people from the same industry will be advertising in the same dire...

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