Graphic Designers Lancashire

Graphic designers create visual images and layouts for advertising and creative purposes using computer software and image editing/manipulating. They are an essential part in creating marketing materials and aesthetic designs and packaging products. For more info, check the local listings and articles below.

Robert Drake
01282 426008
218-220 Lowerhouse Lane

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Comfy Graphics
01457 810734
8 Metcalf Mews

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Inc Design Ltd
0161 8320338
546-550 Royal Exchange

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Attic Design Consultancy
0151 2542829
2 Victoria Road

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One21 Designs Ltd
0161 2733121
98 Grosvenor Street

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Skylab Ltd
0161 8770004
Cooper House

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Phoenix Print Design & Advertising
01228 512515
Old Warehouse

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Da Da Design
01539 722733
Old Shambles

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Butterworth & Butterworth
01253 300868
123 Whitegate Drive

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Wash Design
01772 880000
Studio D

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Newspaper and Magazine Advertising Costs

Newspaper Advertising Costs
When it comes to advertising in newspapers there are two options – local or national newspapers.
The quality of local newspapers can vary greatly but you can expect to pay in excess of £250 for a quarter page advertisement.

One low cost way around this is to  write a press release and distribute it to your local newspaper. They are often looking for relevant and interesting local news so you may be able to get your company in the paper for free.
Advertising in national newspapers is extremely expensive. As an example, it costs over £30,000 for a full page colour ad in The Daily Mail. This tends to make it out of reach to smaller businesses.
Magazine Advertising Costs
Magazine advertising is even more expensive than newspaper advertising. Long lead times also mean that ads must be paid for up to one month in advance of the advertisement actually being published, which can cause cash flow problems for small businesses.

However, magazine advertising does have a number of advantages, particularly in its ability to target niche audiences.
As an example of the cost, don’t expect to pay less than £200 for a full-page ad in a magazine with a readership of 5,000 people, and in may cases it’ll be considerably more expensive than that.
Always be aware that sometimes additional extras can be obtaine...

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