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Bray Leino Ltd
01598 760700
Old Rectory

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Cornerstone House
01752 225623
28 Old Park Road

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Stewart & Associates
01392 423861
3 Bate Close

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Fastbadge Europe
01752 606020
77 Beaumont Street

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Shellglade Ltd
01752 891303
Redlake Trading Estate

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Salcombe Gazette Advertising Editorial Offices
01548 853101
Fore Street

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Ad Works
01271 328002
The Workhouse

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Owen Arts Ltd
01884 821731
Upper Lilacs 31 High Street

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Adfab Advertising Design & Print Ltd
01752 201601
Grosvenor House

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Marketbroad Ltd
01647 253011
Lowton Farm

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Free Classified Websites: A Credible Advertising Tool?

Classified websites, despite having limited technical sophistication, have grown to become some of the most popular websites on the web. Gumtree, for example, receives tens of thousands of visitors each day, with each visitor looking for or offering a service or product.

Although posting ads on classified websites is not going to turbo-boost your sales, it can be a useful advertising channel in the early stages of a new business.

In general, advertising on classified websites can take one of 3 forms:

  • Advertising your Business - if you offer a service such as building services, home removals, tax services, and so on, you can post ads directly advertising your company, what you can offer, and in many cases include a link to your website. It’s free advertising and, whilst thousands of people won’t see the ad, some people will and it is often a useful way for small businesses to receive an early boost.

  • Advertising Individual Products - free classified websites can be likened to eBay, just without the fees. E-commerce startups can boost their early sales through posting ads in various categories, providing a URL containing additional information to those who reply to the ads.

  • Lead Generation - posting free ads on classified websites can lead to a loss of credibility and certainly doesn’t create the best brand image. To counteract this you can use these websites as a lead generation tool, encouraging potential customers to email you th...

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