Billboard Advertising Northumberland

Billboard advertising is a very popular form of marketing and includes not only large, highway adverts meant to capture the motorist audience, but also includes posters and marquee’s , which capture foot traffic along with vehicular. Find out more about billboard advertising by checking the local listings and information below.

Ballooning Adventures Ltd
0191 2859343
2 Richmond Lodge
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Action Advertising Ltd
0191 4548100
96-98 Westoe Road
South Shields

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A M B Advertising
0191 4833661
6 Grange Road West

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Fawthrop Mclanders
0191 2407000
87 Jesmond Road
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Kinghorn Davies Advertising Ltd
0191 2618666
35-39 Blandford Street
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Viacom Outdoor
0191 2737019
Riverside Studios
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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C P N E Promotions Ltd
0191 2533080
38 St Ronans Road
Whitley Bay

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Prink Media
01833 696628
Churchill House, 12 Mosley Street, Newcastle
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Bdaily Ltd
0191 2611333
Garth Heads
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Meridian Delta
0800 6526627
Unit 45 Cuthbert House
Newcastle Upon Tyne

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Billboard Advertising Buying Process and Expected Costs

As a business looking into billboard advertising you will generally need to recruit the skills of both a creative agency to design the billboard or range of billboards, and a media planning agency. It is the media planning agency who will have contacts with outdoor buying specialists and will be able to organise your billboard advertising campaign.
Business => Creative Agency => Outdoor Buying => Media Owners
                  => Media Planning => Specialists Agency

Expected Costs
Outdoor advertising, particularly billboard advertising, has tended to be avoided by smaller companies because of the costs involved. To illustrate this, the cost of advertising on one billboard for a month is anything from £500 to £1,500 per month.
Costs do fall substantially on a per billboard basis for larger campaigns but the overall cost means that only larger brands can afford this form of advertising.
Figures from theOutdoor Advertising Association of Great Britain for a small two week (6 sheet billboards) advertising campaign illustrate this:
6-Sheet Billboards
Number of Panels
Opportunity to See
Cost per Panel
Cost of Campaign
For the largest billboards, 96-sheet billboards, the cost per panel can rise to £1,000. Advertising on buses and on the London underground are two alternative options to roadside billboard advertising but the costs are similar.
Although the costs are prohibitive for the majority of small companies billboard advertising does work when used correctly. Despite traditional advertising being in decline, outdoor advertising is actually in a period of boom. Brands see billboard advertisi...

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Designing a Billboard Ad

Billboards come in a number of different sizes but there are a set of universal rules that should be followed to make your billboard stand out.

  • Keep text to a minimum for roadside billboards, making use of bullet points when text is necessary.

  • For billboards at train and tube stations more words can be used as people are waiting around at these locations and therefore have more time to view and read billboards.

  • Photos and pictures work well. If used for branding ensure that the photo reflects the image that you wish to portray about your business.

  • Using humour is always a good way to connect to your audience, particularly when used on billboards located where people have time to read them.

  • Billboards are about branding - use the correct colours and make logos prominent.

  • Include your website address. Including a phone number is not particularly important - people like to think about things and obtain more information before phoning a number.

  • Use colours that contrast - the billboard must be completely clear when viewed at a distance. Always print off the design and check that it can be clearly read from a distance.

  • ‘Interactive’ billboard ads are a promising growth area, working through sending out a bluetooth text to people within the vicinity of a particular billboard ad. This is also sometimes known as bluepod marketing - combining this with billboard advertising creates interaction with your brand...

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