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P V & Co
020 85702222
Devon Waye

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Media Luna
020 88946233
5 Willow Way

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Creative Executions Ltd
020 88430247
1 Stratford Road

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Hmcc Sports Promotion Ltd
020 87440396
8 Arlington Road

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Directory Advertising Agency
020 83322232
11-13 Sheen Road

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Total Media Solutions Ltd
020 88939357
299 Staines Road

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Shark Bay Communications
020 87441454
53A Cole Park Road

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Visual Merchandising Ltd
020 88989933
35-37 Whitton Dene

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Robert Logan & Associates
020 85794836
2 Milford Road

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Tim Mott Associates Ltd
020 88942288
38 Hampton Road

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Ambient Advertising

Ambient advertising refers to almost any kind of out-of-the-home advertising which occurs on an unusual medium.

This includes placing advertising messages on sandwich bags, pizza boxes, hot air balloons, beer mats, and on the back of car park tickets. Objects that carry the advertising are known as ambient media.

Ambient advertising has increased in popularity over recent years due to advertisers’ dismay at the declining effectiveness of traditional advertising mediums. Initially some media outlets have expressed their concern regarding the ability of ambient advertising to establish itself as a viable long term form of advertising:

"Ambient advertising contains the seeds of its own destruction... because once the approach is copied and becomes commonplace, it ceases to surprise," Guardian, August 1997

However, a decade on and ambient advertising, whilst not taking off in a huge way, shows no sign of going away.

One criticism is that this form of advertising lacks accountability, as noted by Sunday Business all the way back in 1998:

"The genuine impact of ambient media is difficult to measure as it often takes TV and press coverage to attract wider public attention to it."

Whilst there is truth in this statement it is also identifying one of the major benefits of ambient advertising - it gets attention. Not only do consumers notice it but the media frequently does as well, thereby placing a small ground-roots marketing campaign in ...

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